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President and founder of Trace. Former member of FIFA’s Independent Governance Committee.

What organizations can learn from FIFA’s governance fiasco

Wrage will share leadership lessons learned from the FIFA debacle. Wrage served on the Independent Governance Committee for 18 months, before eventually resigning. The obstacles to a culture of compliance there are well-known. She will also discuss the important role internal auditors play in detecting and reducing anti-bribery risks.


Lawyer and Secretary-General of the Swedish Anti-Corruption Institute.

New challenges in the anti-corruption landscape – What to be aware of

Before joining the Swedish-Anti Corruption Institute Helena served as CEO of a private consulting firm specialized in anti-corruption and business ethics. Helena has extensive international and national experience of the prevention, detection and investigations of fraud and corruption within private and public organizations.

The Swedish Anti-corruption Institute (IMM) is a non- profit organization founded in 1923 with the mission to prevent the use of bribes and promote ethical business processes. The IMM principals are the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, the Swedish Trade Confederation, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) and the research-based pharmaceutical industry (LIF)

ECIIA Konferenz 2014

ECIIA Konferenz 2014 - EXPERIENCE THE FLAVOURS OF AUDIT, September 18-19, Budapest, Hungary

The ECIIA Conference, premier european conference for Internal Audit, will take place in Budapest this year.

We will welcome attendees as an exhibitor again and are looking forward to 28 speakers from 14 different countries.

Do you need some more information on our solutions or want to meet the audimex team in person? If so, simply send us an informal email for arranging a personal appointment during ECIIA Conference 2014.

Please click here for more information on this year's ECIIA Conference in Budapest.

ECCIA Newsletter Nov 13 (1MB)
ECIIA Madrid 2011 Clique para ver (507KB)

Junho  2018