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2019 EXAMES CIA -O que vai mudar
12 julho de 2018
Documento em fase de revisão

CIA Exam: FAQs​
2019 EXAMES CIA -O que vai mudar
12 julho de 2018

CIA Exam: FAQs

2019 EXAMES CIA -O que vai mudar
12 julho de 2018

CIA Exam: Why and How It's Changing Handbook

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Processo de inscrição 
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Certificações (em português)
19 de Janeiro de 2018
CLIQUE PARA VER CIA-Certification__________________

The CIA journey begins with a focus on The IIA’s International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (Standards) and aspects of mandatory guidance under the IPPF. The journey continues with a focus on managing an internal audit project and culminates with concepts related to internal control, risk, governance, and technology. The CIA is a 3-part process for establishing your foundational core and starting point for career growth to:

  • Distinguish you from your peers.
  • Demonstrate your proficiency with internal staff and external clients.
  • Develop your knowledge of best practices in the industry.
  • Demonstrate your proficiency and professionalism.
  • Lay a foundation for continued improvement and advancement.

Internal Audit Practitioner: A New First Stop on Your Road to Success

The IIA's Internal Audit Practitioner designation.The Internal Audit Practitioner designation is a great way to quickly demonstrate your internal audit aptitude. You can earn this new designation through social badging by completing the Internal Audit Practitioner application and taking and passing the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Part One exam.

Candidates who have successfully completed the CIA Part One exam within the past 24 months are also eligible to apply.

For more information, please visit the Internal Audit Practitioner web page.

Six Steps to Certification

If you need help getting started, refer to the six steps to certification an internal auditor should review when making the decision to become certified in the profession.

Quick Links 

Access CCMS and visit the Forms section to begin the CIA application process.

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Certification Corner is a quarterly newsletter designed to provide information about the latest developments in The IIA's certification programs. It also provides a forum to celebrate the accomplishments of IIA-certified candidates and offers links to web pages that supply helpful information such as reminders about CPE reporting requirements and changes that you are likely to encounter in The IIA's Certification Candidate Management System (CCMS).

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2013 CIA Changes

Registration is now open for the three-part CIA exam. Exam sessions begin 1 July.
Access CCMS to begin your application or register for an exam part.

IIA Global Headquarters would like to notify you of impending changes to the Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) program scheduled for 2013.

As the result of findings from a Job Analysis Study (JAS) for the CIA program conducted in 2011, the Professional Certifications Board (PCB) and the Board of Directors of The IIA have approved two key changes to the program. The JAS determined that the body of knowledge related to the profession of internal auditing has changed since the last exam content update in 2004, and therefore needs to be adjusted to reflect those changes.

The first change will impact the exam structure, reducing the program from four to three exam parts. With the reduction in parts, The IIA will be eliminating the recognition credit provision previously applicable to Part 4. The final change consists of a realignment of the exam content outline and question count for each part. Below is a brief overview of the new outline:

Part 1 Exam: Internal Auditing Basics
Duration: 2.5 hours 
Question Count: 125

Part 2 Exam: Internal Audit Practice 
Duration: 2.0 hours 
Question Count: 100

Part 3 Exam: Internal Audit Knowledge Elements
Duration: 2.0 hours 
Question Count: 100

Topical focus areas include:

·         IIA Mandatory Guidance

·         Internal Control and Risk

·         Tools and Techniques for Conducting the Audit Engagement

Topical focus areas include:

·         Managing the Internal Audit Function

·         Managing Individual Engagements

·         Fraud Risks and Controls

Topical focus areas include:

·         Governance

·         Risk Management

·         Organizational Structure and Business Processes

·         Communication

·         Leadership

·         IT/Business Continuity

·         Financial Management

·         Global Business Environment

The new content and three-part exam structure are scheduled to be implemented by mid-2013. The IIA is currently working to finalize the transition process for those who are currently in the CIA program and do not complete the program prior to the implementation of the new structure. Additional details related to the transition process can be found in the documents below.
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"O IIA - The Institute of Internal Auditors realizou pela primeira vez em Portugal, em Novembro de 2003, os exames para a atribuição do grau profissional de CIA - Certified Internal Auditor.

O grau profissional de CIA, que vem sendo atribuído há aproximadamente três décadas, tem vindo a reflectir uma competência nos princípios e práticas de auditoria interna e trata-se da única designação internacionalmente aceite para os auditores internos.
A designação de CIA representa uma realização profissional e uma dedicação à profissão. Quer seja do interesse do candidato em permanecer na área de auditoria interna ou atingir um lugar de topo na carreira da sua organização, uma compreensão alargada do risco do negócio e do controlo interno que é exigido dos CIAs, constituirá uma riqueza incalculável de conhecimentos."
"Os CIAs, através dos conhecimentos adquiridos, proporcionam às organizações uma forte componente de valor acrescentado. Os CIAs constituem um apoio valioso aos gestores de topo e aos Conselhos de Administração na consecução das metas e nos objectivos estratégicos. Tal diversidade proporciona aos auditores internos uma perspectiva alargada da organização.

O IPAI dispõe de um programa adequado de formação para os interessados que desejem não só obter o grau profissional de CIA, mas também para outros interessados em se familiarizarem com práticas de auditoria interna.

Qualquer informação sobre o programa CIA poderá ser obtida do IPAI através do e-mail ou por telefone, para o número 213151002.

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Certificações em 2012

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Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Exam® Practice Questions
Item No. : 1194
ISBN : 978-0-89413-911-6
Publisher : The IIA Research Foundation
Publish Date : 2015
Media : Paperback
Page count : 120
Dimensions : 8 X 11
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This product is aligned with the 3-part exam.
Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Exam® Practice Questions — provides the underlying concepts of the exam objectives with detailed explanations of each question. This will enable you to understand why answers are correct and — just as importantly — why answers are incorrect.
The essential tool for taking the CIA exam, Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Exam® Practice Questions gives you a clear understanding of the content to decide if you are ready to take the exam.
Part 1: Internal Audit Basics
Part 2: Internal Audit Practice
Part 3: Internal Audit Knowledge Elements
Learn more about the CIA Exam.

Novembro  2018