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Global Council 2018
Dear Global Council Participants and Affiliate Leaders,

On behalf of The IIA’s Global Board of Directors, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to all Affiliates who contributed to the 2018 Global Council in Panama City, Panama, 4-7 February. This year’s event was exceptional with participation by more than 150 attendees, representing 80 IIA Affiliates gathered in the tropical Panama City to collectively address the many needs of our members and stakeholders, discuss strategies to advance our profession, and participate in peer-to-peer networking opportunities.

I thank all of you who actively contributed to the discussions, the knowledge exchange sessions, and the social networking events that made the 2018 Global Council valuable and memorable for all. The program addressed three important topics: Global Strategic Planning, Conformance with the Standards, and Global Certification Strategy. Discussions around those issues provided valuable perspectives on the challenges and opportunities around the world that are critical for The IIA to develop relevant strategies to address the needs of our members and Affiliates globally.

The comprehensive input received on these topics, via the advance survey and captured by our 16 table scribes during the onsite discussion sessions, have been carefully analyzed and reported in the attached Summary Report. It should be no surprise that considering the varied audience representing our vast network of Affiliates, the views on these complex topics are equally diverse.

The Summary Report reflects the overall themes/trends that emerged from the discussions, the comments/ideas that emerged most frequently, and those elements that at times indicated a lack of consensus among the participants. This report cannot reflect every position shared, but rest assured that all ideas and opinions are valuable and will not be lost. The detailed comprehensive notes captured by the scribes are shared with the global committees, staff and task forces that are working on these three topics, and, in full transparency, are also available on the Global Council webpage for your reference.

To continue the conversation on these important topics I encourage you to share the Summary Report with your Affiliate board members and staff and to consider these ideas within your own local strategic initiatives. Be sure to visit the 2018 Global Council website to download the report, all PowerPoint presentations, a list of attendees, and photos from the event.

In the months to come and up until the 2019 Global Council, you will receive periodic updates on progress made against each topic via Global LeadersLink, online briefings and email communications from The IIA’s Global Relations team. In particular, we expect to share the 2019-2023 Global Strategic Plan that you helped shape as soon as it is approved by the Global Board.

Global Council is truly a reflection of the diversity and depth of The IIA’s worldwide network and all that we have contributed – together – to the profession. Thank you again for your participation and contributions.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2019 Global Council in Tokyo, Japan, 17–20 March.


J. Michael Peppers, CIA, QIAL, CRMA

2017–18 IIA Global Chairman of the Board

The Institute of Internal Auditors
Pedido de Colaboração para investigação na área de Gestão e Auditoria com Base em Riscos - Mestrado em Administração Pública na UMINHO”
Assunto: “Pedido de Colaboração para investigação na área de Gestão e Auditoria com Base em Riscos - Mestrado em Administração Pública na UMINHO”

Caros Auditores, meu nome é Renor Ribeiro, sou aluno do curso de Mestrado em Administração Pública na Universidade do Minho e estou a investigar a auditoria interna e gerenciamento com base em riscos, em organizações públicas de Portugal.

Essa investigação ocorrerá por meio de entrevistas a serem oportunamente agendadas com os interessados e os resultados serão de grande relevância para o desenvolvimento da investigação na área de auditoria interna.

Dessa forma, gostaria contar com vosso conhecimento e experiência para contribuir para a gestão e da auditoria interna com base no risco para o aprimoramento da gestão pública em Portugal.

Os interessados em colaborar, poderão contactar-me através do endereço:
Auditoria Interna Baseada no Risco
Auditoria Interna Baseada no Risco
Ética em Auditoria Interna
Ética em Auditoria Interna
MBA em Auditoria Interna - em parceria com IIA Brasil e IIA PORTUGAL Visita ao IPO Porto 12 de Abril 2018
MBA em Auditoria Interna - em parceria com IIA Brasil e IIA PORTUGAL
Visita ao IPO Porto 12 de Abril 2018
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